Projecting into your EYES!

Well it just keeps coming at the moment. Take a look at Avegant who are going to be launching the Glyph, a VR headset, on kickstarter in January. The interesting thing with this piece of kit is that it is not displaying an image on a screen to be viewed through lenses as the Oculus Rift…

AR meta space glasses

AR – META – SpaceGlasses

Well would you look at that. Meta are doing it right. They only went live with this site 5 hours ago. So this is as cutting edge as you get … well unless you reported on this just under 5 hours ago which I suppose would be more of a scoop! I must work harder.…


Construction Augmented Reality

Just a quick post this time. Those of you who know me will probably be sick of me going on about augmented reality and live streaming construction site models etc.. and on and on. If you want to know more then take a look at some of my other posts. For now I just…