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Well would you look at that. Meta are doing it right. They only went live with this site 5 hours ago. So this is as cutting edge as you get … well unless you reported on this just under 5 hours ago which I suppose would be more of a scoop! I must work harder.

Proper augmented reality glasses and a separate “pocket PC”

Just go to their site and take a look. I saw them about 5 minutes ago on my iphone SlashGear app. Now I am blogging about it whilst reading their site and somehow talking directly to an engineer from meta. (aside, isn’t the internet ace!)

Screen shot 2013-12-17 at 22.11.56

The following is a chat window that automatically popped up when I went to the SpaceGlasses site.

Thanks for stopping by! Can I help you with anything?

oh hi

are you a person?

Amber:I am an engineer at Meta

wow is pretty much what i have to say to that. I am very impressed with all this. Must be an exciting time. When did you go live with this site?

Amber:5 hours ago

I bet your busy 🙂 I’m blogging about you right now. tell me what you think about this tech? I have been following AR development for a while

Amber:this is best augmented reality glasses what is available in the market at the moment. And the augmented reality is booming right now. This is the future of computing. And we hope to be the frontrunners in this paradigm shift.

I couldn’t agree more. I am interested in the use of AR in construction at the moment and how it can be used to help all on site activities. Take a look at my site if you ever get the chance

Also does Meta have any plans to implement AR with a set of safety glasses that can be used in manufacturing and construction or are they primarily a consumer product aimed at personal computing

Amber:At the moment we are primarily aiming at personal computing. But we are not closing our doors to the other options.

Sounds good to me. I would love to get hold of a pair and see how I use them on site. a couple of tech questions… What is the resolution of the depth camera and how does it compare to occipitals structure sensor recently funded on kickstarter?

What is the battery life like when in full use?

Amber:the depth camera on the meta pro has the range upto 3-3.5 m. the image resolution for the depth camera is 320 x 240 and upto 60fps. I am not sure of the exact specifications of the occipital structure sensors.

The developer edition takes the power from your tethered computer. But for the metapro we are currently looking into different portable battery options.

Thats a good range, what accuracy can the depth camera resolve and is there a sweet zone? Is the depth there purely to track hand and environment to facilitate the AR interface or will you be able to record the depth stream to build a 3D model as you look around?

Amber:the depth camera on the metaPro has 2 modes. a close range mode and a long range mode. and could switch between them in software. We havnt implemented a system to build a 3d model on the fly. But the hardware is capable of doing it.

It all sounds very promising. Thank you very much for your time Amber. I could pick your brains on this all night but I think I will leave you be. You have been very informative and it has been a pleasure talking to you. Please do check out my website I will be posting this chat on there, if for any reason you need me to take it down then let me know

Amber:You are welcome. please subscribe to our newsletter and keep in touch via

Already subscribed, your excellent site made sure of that! 🙂

Thanks again

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