Little Bird Helicopter

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3Doodler .. But BIGGER

3Doodling in Construction Just saw this company posted on Colossal and it is just what I had envisaged for the 3Doodler on a larger scale. Potentially to be used in construction. Since I first saw the 3Doodler on kickstarter and backed it immediately, I have dreamed that it could be scaled up. Perhaps extruding around a…

3Doodler Johnny 5 John Deere Plane Geometric trial

3Doodler Plane

3Doodling The Next Step Where did we leave off… in my last post I talked about my first doodles with my new 3Doodler pen by Wobble Works. I had started using non branded 3mm ABS filament from a spool and was considering more complicated builds. I had seen a Triplane build on the 3Doodler blog…

Short circuit 2 Johnny 5


3Doodler, My experience  Well it arrived, like a wonderful late christmas present. My first Kickstarter investment, the awe inspiring 3Doodler. The 3Doodler is a 3D printer liberated from the precise mechanical bounds of X,Y,Z. It is a pen that extrudes plastic into shapes limited only by your imagination, skill and a steady hand… and probably…