Peace in Chaos – 3Doodler Sculpture

Between Contracts

So one day your working and the next your not. What do you do? Well you spend a lot of time on the phone trying to make sure that the next day you are! And when you have finished calling everyone you pick up your handy 3Doodler and see what happens.

PLA Filament

So fortune would have it that this very morning I received a delivery of black PLA filament. I had been wanting to try out the different material in the 3Doodler for a while. It is most definitely a different experience. I found that the extruded material stayed pliable for longer, letting me extrude a length and then change the shape of the extrusion before it cooled completely. The extruded PLA would sag over other objects and then harden. This gave me the idea for a the sculpture below.

Peace in Chaos

With the last days events causing a bit of chaos in my life I felt like letting it out with a slightly chaotic mess. After an hour or two of just seeing what happened, the form was starting to look a bit like a dress so I thought I would turn it into a figure. By now the 3Doodler, acting like a form of therapy, had me feeling much better and I wanted to reflect this in my sculpt. I hope the pose I chose conveys peace and calm, like a deep …breath… and …relax… I certainly felt much happier once I had finished this piece. I hope you enjoy it too.

3Doodler - MattBdreaming - Peace in Chaos

3Doodler - MattBdreaming - Peace in Chaos

For Sale

People I have shown it to seem to like it and are even telling me that I should try selling it. Let me know what you think and I might just put it up on ebay. Who knows, perhaps I wont need to get a new contract and I might end up selling enough of my work to make a living. Probably a good time to remind everyone this site is called MattBdreaming 🙂 Im Matt B and I may be dreaming but I am certain the world is full of wonderful possibilities, so you may as well give it a go.

If you are interested in buying this magnificent piece then follow me on twitter, I will most certainly be posting if it goes up.

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Well I got some great feedback to go ahead and sell this piece and I was pointed in the direction of Etsy by the 3Doodler twitter team. So if you want to buy this sculpture then please head over to Etsy  Peace in Chaos for sale

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