3Doodler RC Car

RC Car 

I picked up an cheap RC car for about £6 from TK Maxx with the specific purpose of taking it apart and using it to mechanise some of my 3Doodles. I thought the best thing to do first before I took it completely apart would be to just make a 3Doodled cover for it. So I did!

3Doodler Remote control Car

The Build

It was a really easy build having the RC car base to 3doodle up off. I started at the screw points on the RC car base, with the screws in place so as the filament would form around them. The hope was the filament would mould into a threaded hole for the screw and allow it to be removed later. One of the hardest parts of the build was the first pass to make the wheel arches, it took a couple of goes but with the 3Doodler running on the slow setting you can draw these sorts of curves in mid air.

3Doodler  RC Car

Doodle Dog 

To explain “doodle dog” is the sketch for the box I made to go with my 3Doodled Dog . I will be posting some pictures of the Box soon enough but for now, on with the car! With the outline of the car complete it was then a case of drawing up from that rim in which ever way took my fancy.

3Doodler RC Car


Oh yes! It may look red in most of the pictures but the filament definitely comes out pink. I brought a 1kg spool of supposedly red ABS filament and its PINK! Oh well I suppose I will have to doodle a Pink Panther at some point to go with all the pink stuff I’m going to make.

3Doodler RC Car


After a couple of goes, trying to doodle the windscreen straight on the car, I just couldn’t get it how I wanted it so I sketched the shape on paper and traced it with the 3Doodler before welding it onto the body. I did the same for the roof and then just filled the gaps in directly.

3Doodler RC Car

All Done 

The pictures still don’t do it justice to quite how pink this car is 🙂

3Doodler RC Car

3Doodler RC Car

Thanks For Visiting 

I hope to add a video of it driving around and being chased by the cats soon, when I do I will tag it on the end of this post. Please follow if you like this and want to see more, I have a few more 3Doodler posts coming soon.

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2 thoughts on “3Doodler RC Car

  1. This is the best 3Doodle yet – absolutely inspired, and looks great too. Definitely looks red in the pics. Loving the fact that its actually PINK!!
    You are definitely becoming very highly skilled with that thing. As always I am very much looking forward to the next creation.

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