3Doodler Plane – Progress

Well its been a big build so far but here it is in all its current glory!

3Doodler Plane Front


Plan:  “The Champ” available from the Outerzone along with many other plans.

Material : ABS plastic

Weight: 132g

Wingspan: 850mm

Build time: Approx 10 hours over a couple of weeks

I have not used the full model dimensions listed on the plans as I printed them out to suit an A1 sheet (4xA3 taped together)

The Champ plane plans


The aim of this build is to end up with a 3Doodled RC plane so there is still plenty to do yet (control surfaces, skin, motor, servos, controller, battery). To get to this point I made a trial build, take a look if you haven’t already seen my first Plane model . Just to see how I would go about making a plane from the plans.

I also wanted to try out a couple of methods for making a larger wing with a bit of structural integrity. I tried making a bit of a mould to make sure each rib was identical and I compared this to just tracing the rib detail free hand. There wasn’t much difference in the quality and it was actually easier and quicker to just trace the model plan. I also wanted to try out a couple of different structural forms to see what would be the best method to use for a much bigger wing.

3Doodler - Plane Wing type 1 3Doodler  - Plane - Wing type 2 3 - 3Doodler - Plane - Wing Trials


From these trials I found that making a simple cross braced structure (the red model above) was stronger and easier to make than the more complicated and weaker method (the black model).


It took a while

3Doodler - Plane - The champ - Wing

3Doodler - Plane - The champ - Wing 23Doodler - Plane - The champ - body 13Doodler - Plane - The champ - body 23Doodler - Plane - The champ - finishing

Finished Pictures

3Doodler Plane - Top 1

3Doodler Plane - Side

Coke Can For Scale 
3Doodler Plane - Coke can

Johnny 5 For Fun 3doodler plane - Johnny 5

Next Steps

Well I think I need to find out if this thing is in any way capable of flight. So I need to cover it with something. I might try cling film or foil or something like that just to see if it will glide or plummet. If those don’t work then its a proper job with Monokote. Then onto the more tricky stuff like making the control surfaces and finding suitable RC bits and pieces but it might be a while before I get to that point. If you want to keep upto date with my progress please follow my blog or add me on socail media.

Thank you

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Tried covering the wings with foil, with a bit of extra weight at the front. Im counting this as a flight!



Second Flight !

7 thoughts on “3Doodler Plane – Progress

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    • You need to read on. Already using purpose made super light heat shrinking plane covering 😉 foil was just for the throw test since I knew there was a lot of weight to add in the controls, the foil didn’t really matter at the time so long as it flew.

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