Vampire Rabbit Doorway

Low Moon Over High Town  

This 3Doodle is all about Vampire Rabbits… or rather just one vampire rabbit. I noticed an old friend had run a twitter competition for one of his drawings so I looked a bit closer. Ben has clearly been busy since the days of 15 first avenue (Whoop whoop!). He seems to have become a very well established artist and quite rightly so. Please head on over to his website Low Moon Over High Town  and take a look.

Ben Hollan Low Moon Over High Town LMOHT

Vampire Rabbit Doorway 

So what was the drawing that caught my attention? Vampire Rabbit Doorway, that’s what. To me it screamed out to be doodled, it was square on and I could see that the 3Doodler would be able to pick up a lot of the detail. It also wasn’t too big which meant I wouldn’t have to spend weeks on it (although it turns out I did spread it over a few weeks!) . Ben Holland’s original drawing is below.

Low Moon Over High Town Vampire Rabbit Doorway

Filming The Doodle 

I wanted to film this 3Doodle and do one of those high speed drawing YouTube videos. To do this I needed to set up a camera directly above my work area. I didn’t have anything suitable to mount the camera with but fortunately I had a plank of wood and a 3Doodler to hand so I made a jig. The plank of wood is wedged into a cupboard door handle and the 3Doodle was staple gunned to the back and then the staples were covered in more 3Doodle. The camera holder was doodled straight onto and around the camera (apart from the face which I sketched first to keep the hot end away from those optics). The camera rig just hooks onto the wood and away we go!

3Doodler Camera Rig

3Doodler Camera Rig

Johnny 5 just had to get in on the action!

3Doodler Camera Rig

The Doodle 

Well I spent so long getting all the video together, editing and speeding it up we had best get on with it (most time was spent trying to work around the severely inadequate hard drive space left on the laptop… lesson learned there, don’t edit video with 10GB of space left!).

Anyhow I digress.. TO THE VIDEO, please watch it with the sound on and listen to the sheer amazingness of The Winter Hill Transmission!

The Finished Vampire Rabbit Doorway 3Doodle 

The face in the window pane on the right was unintentional, as was the timing in the video of doodling that bit to the lyrics in the song. But I do like nice little coincidences like that 🙂

3Doodler Vampire Rabbit Doorway finished

Whats next?

Well the plan is to make my plane fly! A friend has very kindly leant me some radio gear and servos, he is also promising a small engine and I have Got some special model plane film covering on order. So al the bits and pieces are coming together and all I need to do is lots of 3Doodle work to make it all fit together.

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Please also check out Ben holland @LMOHT

Thanks for visiting, please come again 🙂


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