3Doodler Plane RC Controls Front

3Doodler RC Plane Control Surfaces

Control Surfaces Completed! I have a post to write about the build but for now here is the video showing all the control surfaces working. Next steps, mount the motor, cover the wings, mount all the remaining bits and tidy up the wires. …. see if it flies! Advertisements


3Doodler Plane – The MOTOR

Time to Electrify!  This plane isn’t going to fly without a motor, so here it is! And here is the metal mount covered in 3Doodle. It was a bit tricky getting the ABS to stick to the mount, once I had one of the screws surrounded I could just carry on from the start point…

3Doodler Plane - Elevator Test 1

3Doodler Plane RC Control

A quick Post Just a quick post to show how the RC 3Doodler Plane is coming along. All the RC gear and motor are making the plane very heavy so there will probably be more than a couple of re-builds down the line with smaller batteries and servos. I am currently working with donated RC gear…