3Doodler Plane RC Control

A quick Post

Just a quick post to show how the RC 3Doodler Plane is coming along. All the RC gear and motor are making the plane very heavy so there will probably be more than a couple of re-builds down the line with smaller batteries and servos. I am currently working with donated RC gear from much larger planes, you never know it might just work! Still its all about having a go 🙂

Follow the progress @MattBisHere

3Doodler Plane - Elevator Test 1

7 thoughts on “3Doodler Plane RC Control

      • Still, very impressed with your work so far, keep it up! You’re inspiring me to get my butt into gear and get my 3D printer up and running sooner rather than later!

      • My work is looking pretty seriously at 3D printers which is good news! Also most of what I have done has been because I stopped playing xbox all the time! Its all about balance 😉

      • To be fair, you gave up Xbox time and replaced it with 3D Printing technologies! That’s not balance, it’s a change of direction 😉

        I stopped playing XBox and started playing PC… I’d like to do a little more with my PC than just play games on it hence the “let me build a 3D Printer”. From what I have seen the latest RepRap might be a good place for me to start?

  1. I love the look of the M3D but it’s already built and I want to spend a little less money upfront and feel proud of the RepRap I built when it’s up and running smoothly. There is a hackspace not too far from me but it appears as if they have more info on multi-copters than 3d Printing 😀

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