3Doodler Plane – Full Flight Kit

3Doodler Plane Full Flight Kit SO CLOSE NOW! 

I have managed to get all the RC kit mounted and working, the motor is fitted along with the new propellor. Many thanks to “NoFlyZone” for the fantastic blog on how to select a propellor, an easy to follow guide and just what I needed.

3Doodler Plane - Flight Calcs

For now the receiver and battery are just taped into place but this is it. Not much left to do now… unless I go and do something stupid like trying to hover the plane and break it… no way I would do something that silly….

3Doodler Plane Test flight breakage 2

Whats Next

Well I have to fix the damage the plane took in its crash. It should be easy enough to do with the 3Doodler, I have already patched the wing up and I just need to re-attach the tail wing. I might use the damage as a good reason to re build the tail end, I was not too happy with the alignment and the lego parts are a weak point. I might set it up as a more traditional tail wing with elevators built into the wing rather than a full wing elevator.

Then really its a case of putting the wing covering on, charging the battery and giving it a go!

Just the one chance

After the crash it is quite clear how delicate the structure is, so we might only get the one flight out of it. There are weak points all over the place just from the nature of building it with the 3Doodler by hand. It will benefit from a few more runs over with the 3Doodler to increase the strength and shape of the wing before I cover them finally. I will be incredibly happy if I get this plane to fly, even just a short distance would be a result.

When to fly? 

As soon as possible! I am hoping for just another 2 weekends work on it when I can, with the aim of having it in the air some time in may. So fingers crossed I don’t get carried away again and try to fly it without having someone there to film it! 🙂

Thanks for visiting, please come again. I am so close to a proper flight, please follow me @MattBisHere to stay up to date.

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