Project GoogleDoodle

The Future Is VR  

Recently I had the pleasure of trying out an Occulus Rift DK2 with Elite Dangerous and it blew me away. It reminded me that I should be blogging about all the amazing developments in VR and AR. It’s such an exciting time for this technology and I can’t wait to see what the various companies bring to market. So, to kick off my return to blogging, I thought I would do a little 3Doodle with a VR twist to warm up.

3Doodling Google Cardboard 

I used my battered old Google Cardboard as a template but you can download the plans here or visit the Google Cardboard site. Once you have the plans you can trace out your own version with the 3Doodler or just build the cardboard version 😉

Google Cardboard, Headphones, Lens Kit 

GoogleDoodle kit

Doodled Around the Lenses

Google Doodle 2

Mounted Lenses on Phone


GoogleDoodle parts

Next Steps 

I want to make it adaptable to fit my iPhone and my Samsung so some kind of adjustable clip might be in order. I am hoping to use the wrap around headphones as part of a full headset, I think the finished item might end up looking a little alien … it might make it a little too personal though as making a solid unit would fit me nicely but it might not fit others properly. I had also better do a bit more research and put something together about VR tech and blog some more like I said I would.

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