3D Scanning

Structure Scanner - for Construction

I work in the construction industry and we are in a very exciting time as 3D CAD systems and building information modelling (BIM) are being used more and more as standard throughout the industry with great effect.

Whilst Im producing designs for building enclosures I am coming to rely on the building model more. I just wish I could be certain that what we see on the model is actually what is being built on site in every detail. You can be sure that what is built is not always exactly what has been designed.

There are many ways of gathering 3D information from construction sites. Laser scanners provide the most accurate scans but are expensive and tend to be one off scanning events meaning the information can quickly become out of date.

I am very interested in being able to continually update a construction site model with live or nearly live information for direct comparison to the original design and to ensure that manufactured items fit with other interfacing trades.

A continually updated model can also be used to monitor site progress and quality of work. Providing the ability to sign off and hand over work remotely would be of huge benefit. Trouble shooting site problems in a virtual site environment and attending site visits and meetings remotely would also be revolutionary.

Fortunately companies like Occipital are developing hardware that could be used to great effect in the construction industry. Take a look at their structure sensor which has just been successfully funded on kickstarter.

I will be waiting with baited breath until February when I receive mine and get to try it out for the first time on a site survey.

Structure sensor pic


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