3D Printing in Construction

Note: this page needs a good old update since my post about the Mataerial robotic extruder

What an incredible world the burgeoning technology of 3D printing promises!

3D printing comes in many forms and is beginning to show some dramatic leaps and bounds as the world embraces a new found ability to produce complex forms all the way from micro scale to entire buildings using similar principals of material additive processes. We can print plastics, metals, circuits, ceramics, sand and a whole host of materials including food!

I am eager to join in and get moving with my own 3D printing and have decided to start off slowly with investment in yet another amazing kickstarter product. The 3Doodler, mine is due to arrive in december and I cant wait to get my hands on it.

What do I dream of when I think of 3D printing?

I dream of large scale printing, massive and complex structures . I dream of autonomously constructing Solar updraft towers in the desert

My page on Solar Updraft Towers

I dream of a 3D printer something like the size of a standard shipping container on tracks that is dropped into the desert. It would draw in sand, process and refine and then form into a structure as it moves. It would be solar powered and autonomous. The aim would be to continuously construct solar updraft towers which are able to produce power, water, food and shelter.  Perhaps throw in a hydrogen production facility and a 5 mile runway for Reaction Engine’s Skylon… (keep up the good work Ant!)

To achieve this you would require a machine to print the stands for the greenhouse skirt, a machine to climb and build a central tower and a machine to fabricate and mount the greenhouse canopy. I hope to write more on this subject soon and draw some pretty pictures to go with it!

For now take a look at the marvellous machine Markus Kayser built and imagine it much bigger .. perhaps swop the lens for a laser sinter and power it with a solar farm…. put one on tracks and another on a tower climbing rig… easy…

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