8 - 3Doodler Plane Last Flight Damage

The Last Flight of The 3Doodler Plane

Rebuilding after the 2nd Test Flight  After the 2nd test flight with the heavy battery the plane was left with a nasty break in the wing and needing a rebuild of the nose. To attempt to fix the wing I had to cut open the skin which was well and truly bonded on. Once the…

3Doodler Plane 2nd Flight

3Doodler Plane -2nd Flight

Second Attempt Well, the 3Doodler plane has flown again! So without further ado I would like to present the 2nd test flight of the 3Doodler plane!   What Went Wrong? In the video I try to explain that the plane was flying heavy with the large battery. The original flight was made using a light weight…

Johnny 5 3Doodler Plane

3Doodler Plane Mods

3Doodler Plane Modifications After the first test flight this summer, I had some work to do to the plane before a second attempt. Along with some repairs I also needed to improve the balance, wing shape and control surfaces. The following is a bit of a description of how I made these mods and at the…

3Doodler Plane GWR challenge

3Doodler Plane – World Record?

Could it be?  So I’m fairly certain no one else in the world has built an RC 3Doodler Plane, of this size at least… could this be a world record? I thought I would ask the Guinness World records site to find out. Turns out you can challenge on anything! Getting accepted is obviously a…

3Doodler Plane - Finished pre flight

3Doodler Plane – Powered Flight

 Setting The Scene A hell of a day, so much work and planning, this is my last chance for another few weeks and it needs to be today! My contact has told me when he will be there. Weather permitting he should still be there when I finish at the office. He is a professional…

3Doodler Plane Full Flight Kit

3Doodler Plane – Full Flight Kit

SO CLOSE NOW!  I have managed to get all the RC kit mounted and working, the motor is fitted along with the new propellor. Many thanks to “NoFlyZone” for the fantastic blog on how to select a propellor, an easy to follow guide and just what I needed. For now the receiver and battery are just…

3Doodler Plane RC Controls Front

3Doodler RC Plane Control Surfaces

Control Surfaces Completed! I have a post to write about the build but for now here is the video showing all the control surfaces working. Next steps, mount the motor, cover the wings, mount all the remaining bits and tidy up the wires. …. see if it flies! Advertisements