3Doodler Johnny 5 John Deere Plane Geometric trial

3Doodler Plane

3Doodling The Next Step Where did we leave off… in my last post I talked about my first doodles with my new 3Doodler pen by Wobble Works. I had started using non branded 3mm ABS filament from a spool and was considering more complicated builds. I had seen a Triplane build on the 3Doodler blog…

Short circuit 2 Johnny 5


3Doodler, My experience  Well it arrived, like a wonderful late christmas present. My first Kickstarter investment, the awe inspiring 3Doodler. The 3Doodler is a 3D printer liberated from the precise mechanical bounds of X,Y,Z. It is a pen that extrudes plastic into shapes limited only by your imagination, skill and a steady hand… and probably…

AR meta space glasses

AR – META – SpaceGlasses

Well would you look at that. Meta are doing it right. They only went live with this site 5 hours ago. So this is as cutting edge as you get … well unless you reported on this just under 5 hours ago which I suppose would be more of a scoop! I must work harder.…


Construction Augmented Reality

Just a quick post this time. Those of you who know me will probably be sick of me going on about augmented reality and live streaming construction site models etc.. and on and on. If you want to know more then take a look at some of my other posts.  https://mattbdreaming.wordpress.com/28-2/ For now I just…

lexus swarm quadrocopter, batteries not included


I have been watching with great interest as people all around the world are starting to do amazing things with quadrocopters. They are capable of precisely controlled motion and are getting better all the time. The applicaitons for these things are wide ranging and I hope to talk about them more soon and specifically how…

Occipital Structure Sensor

Structure Scanner – For Construction

I work in the construction industry and we are in a very exciting time as 3D CAD systems and building information modelling (BIM) are being used more and more as standard throughout the industry with great effect. Whilst Im producing designs for building enclosures I am coming to rely on the building model more. I…

Solar updraft tower, enviromission tower

Solar Upraft Towers

A solar updraft tower is chimney with a greenhouse skirt and a central turbine. As the sun heats the air under the skirt it rises up the chimney and turns the turbine. This process will happen as long as there is a temperature difference between ground level and the top of the chimney. The taller…