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MY original single page website in all its glory… well not quite but I learnt a lot whilst doing it and wanted to keep hold of it.


Well this is it! A web page just for dreams and ideas to share with the world. Its good to dream, helps you know which direction to go in.

Right now I’m aiming firmly in the direction of live construction site models captured by autonomous quadrocopter drones carrying 3d imaging equipment. Providing live progress information, remote access to critical dimensions, remote conferencing, design and development in a 3D virtual environment explorable and editable as desired in a cross between Minecraft, 3D CAD and BIM.

The construction industry as a whole is in the process of great technological development and right now is the time to do something about it.

There is a crowd funded piece of kit on kickstarter at the moment and its just right for construction sites. A bit bigger than a head torch its about the right size to fit onto a hard hat. it could be connected to a small mobile device in the wall of the hard hat that transmits the live 3D feed to an operator tablet and also to the site office computer which in turn acts as a server running the model.

It could just as easily be mounted on a quadrocopter which could be programmed to autonomously collect the model continuously.

Anyhow take a look at some links below and if you want to help MattBdreaming become MattBmaking then leave me some feedback below.

Have to say, I have just found this last one, these guys are spot on with their augmented reality. The idea of the QR code on materials and the component guiding you to the position it needs to be fitted. Absolute genius take a look!

Now onto something a little different.

.. and don’t forget the aim here is to dream big. 

Solar Updraft Towers
A solar updraft tower is chimney with a greenhouse skirt and a central turbine. As the sun heats the air under the skirt it rises up the chimney and turns the turbine. This process will happen as long as there is a temperature difference between ground level and the top of the chimney. The taller the chimney the better it works.

Solar updraft towers are being taken very seriously with some major projects under way with one of the most promising and ambitious being enviromission’s 1km high tower. All very impressive.

This is the first video I watched on the subject, I was originally looking at the solar reflective towers that focus light onto a single point to produce steam and drive a turbine but this turned out to be much more interesting.

I like the idea that the skirt acts like a greenhouse and causes condensation to form creating an environment which would be well suited to grow crops. The more of these you build, the more power you produce, the more crops you can grow and the more you can convert desert into fertile farmland.  … if you could automate the construction of a solar updraft tower using sand then you would realy be onto a winner! See 3D Printing 

Check out the progress that Enviromission has made since the prototype above. Talk about dreaming big, this thing is massive!

<a href=”http://www.enviromission.com.au/EVM/content/home.html” target=”_blank”>Enviromission website</a>

Solar updraft towers can be made more efficient by storing water under the skirt as a heat sink. This allows the temperature difference between ground level and the chimney top to be maintained over night for continual power output. could we use storage tanks of bio engineered organisms producing fuel or other chemicals.

Perhaps we could design a organism to split water for hydrogen production.

But this is not dreaming big enough. Solar updraft towers will be built and they will work. Texas is the latest to sign up with envoromission and the future is bright.

So how can we dream bigger? Lets just go crazy and see what else we could do whilst we are dreaming.

How about we add a mag lev mass launcher track to the perimeter ….


Mass Launcher

There has been some research into mass launchers, mostly it says its too difficult and too expensive and probably wont work but lets not worry about that and explore the possibility anyhow.

A mass launcher is essentially a maglev track that can accelerate an object upto escape velocity and into orbit. Mass launchers are a much more feasible option for the moon as the reduced gravity requires less speed to launch. On earth you need a much bigger run up. The link below gives a brief description and you can have a look at a couple of papers written on the subject.


But whilst we are dreaming, that big ring in the picture below is just asking for a solar updraft tower to be planted in the middle of it. the tower would be able to supply the energy required to accelerate the projectile and up we go!

The problem is the force involved is collosal so could we look at alternate means of giving the projectile another kick after its left the gun? A rocket could work but fuel = weight = more power, which is not what we want. If there was a way to continue to accelerate the projectile after it has left the mas launcher without adding extra weight we could be onto a winner.

Laser launchers

Laser launchers are use a laser to propel a projectile by focusing laser light into a ring around the base of the projectile where it rapidly heats and expands air resulting in propulsion. Its a brilliant idea but research into this has shown that we cant build a laser powerfull enough to lift an object into orbit.

This is where our solar updraft tower mass launcher comes into play. If we can accelerate an object upto a high enough speed before launch and then provide aditional accelration using a laser the two systems combined could launch an object into orbit.

Im looking for a better video because this one gets a bit scifi towards the end but we are dreaming here and the explination is good.



3D Printing

How about if we can take a couple of shipping container size 3D printers and drop them in the desert then set them away building our solar updraft towers.

One machine would be designed to munch up sand and process it for use as a building material for the other machines that are designed to build a tower and a greenhouse.

The machine building the tower could climb up the structure it is building. The machine building the skirt could form the sand infront of itself into a track and spiral out from the centre.

A 3D printed building using sand and resin

A Solar powered 3d printer using sunlight focused to melt sand. (scroll down the page a bit, not too fussed about the cutting machine)

This is brilliant, seems like the future of construction to me. These are the guys nassa have asked to look at printing buildings on the moon using regolith.
3D printing wiht concrete.

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